January 2019

Krusevo WInter Postcard (14.01.2019)

Biljana Puleska

The snow in Krusevo has brought even more winter landscapes caught on phone cameras by our followers.

In today's postacard we publish photographs from the ski center, the nature surrounding Krusevo, Krusevo architecture, historical sights, local caffees, the streets of the town, sunrise and hotel resorts.

Part of the winter postcard are the following supporters of ours: Biljana Puleska, Dragan Filipov, Iv Jovanova, Cvetanche Stojceska, Petar Begalinoski, Oksana Danailova, Biljana Ristova, Peter Gajdov and Stefanija Petroska.

Winter postcard of Krusevo

Grobno mesto Tose Proeski

Winter in Krusevo has officially arrived, and it’s been faithfully accompanied by a deluge of snow. As expected, the downfall has brought a beautiful new look to the town. A bounty of these breathtaking sights and landscapes have been captured by visitors & citizens alike. Take a moment to sift through the photos & fall in love with Krusevo once again.

Pictured are panoramic shots of the town, of gorgeous vistas from the ski center, and many other incredible sites here in Krusevo.

Five Impressions after a Week in Krushevo


In my opinion, it’s rare for something to live up to lofty expectations. It’s so normal for our first encounter with some place or person to fall short of the mental images we’ve conjured. In America especially, it’s commonplace to exaggerate good qualities and minimize bad ones so you can make your point. To a certain degree, it’s acceptable and even encouraged to partake in grandiose, verbose rhetoric. Naturally, everyone recognizes that and thus Americans quickly learn how to manage expectations. I mention all of this because it’s rather pertinent to my first impressions of Krushevo.