Krusevo is Ready for the Paragliding and Gliding Competitions, Summer 2018

Paragliding Summer 2018

The Municipality of Krusevo will work together with the Macedonian Youth and Sport Agency and the Aeronautical Federation of Macedonia to promote the European Gliding Championship which will start on the 8th of July and last until the 21st.

In the period to follow there will be several press conferences, TV advertisements and Facebook campaigns devoted exclusively to the European Gliding Championship.

Summer 2018

Krusevo center

The summer of 2018 in Krusevo will probably be one of the best in recent years as many activities and events help showcase the potential that this town offers.

The first thing to be pointed out is the paragliding season that officially begins in the middle of June with the first international gliding competition. It will be followed by at least 7 more gliding and paragliding competitions this summer on Meckin Kamen..

Explore the Churches of Krusevo

St. Nikola

Churches in Krusevo are yet another architectural phenomenon, and a beautiful decor on the touristic map of Krusevo.

People in Krusevo are considered traditional and close to their inherited cultural customs and values, part of which is visiting their church. One of the four churches in Krusevo is St. Nikola.

The church St. John is called the Vlach church where many people from the Vlach ethnical group gather.


Winter Postcard of Krusevo (12.02.2019)

Biljana Puleska

Another week passes and we continue to have snow in Krusevo. Visitors from When In Krusevo & other events, along with various locals, have captured a number of incredible landscapes for this week's "Winter Postcard of Krusevo". 

As always, we'd like to thank our contributors to this weeks postcard. They are as follows: Kire Krsteski, Ljubica Trajkoska, Dayana Chobanova, Sotir Gabeloski, Tome Hristoski, Petar Begalinoski, Biljana Puleska.

If you want to be part of our weekly Winter Postcards, please send in your photos to either of the following two email addresses:

Macedonian and Hungarian Open Krusevo 2018

Macedonian and Hungarian Open Krusevo 2018

“The Macedonian and Hungarian Open, part of the PreWorld Paragliding Tour 2018, took place in Krusevo from the 5th to the 11th of August, with 134 paragliders taking part. Furthermore, there were yet another 100 free gliders who took off from the site at Meckin Kamen, and filled the sky with various colours.

Still to come is the Nordic Open, starting on the 26th of August.”

Krusevo Winter Postcard (04.02.2019)

Dayana Chobanova

Snow is still falling in Krusevo, and with more to come you can expect a plethora of beautiful winter landscapes still ready to be captured. As always, we're awed by the incredible moments locals & tourists alike have immortalized.

We've received a number of enchanting photographs from our followers for this week's winter postcard. We're proud to present their shots to be enjoyed by all.

When in Krusevo 2017 DAY 2

Galoski, When in Krusevo 2017

“When in Krusevo” is an outdoor festival that was organized for the first time last year, from the 4th to 6th of August. The organizers have been working towards the second iteration of the festival for this year.

It is an event that involves camping, mountain bike, hiking, paragliding, and musical events held in the nature around Krusevo at night.

Look into the short view of day No. 2

Discovering Krusevo


“Without trying to brag, Krushevo’s citizens like to point out that their town is the highest in the entire Balkans. At a height of 1250 meters, and with only 5300 people occupying it, this is a place where the mind can wander.

Surrounded by impeccable nature and incredible altitude, Krushevo is straight out of a fairy tale – a countryside parallel to that of a private resort, if you will.