Local Cuisine of Krushevo

Krusev Cuisine

The traditional Krushevo cuisine combines Balkan and Mediterranean characteristics, inherited largely from Turkish tastes that prevailed during long centuries of Ottoman rule. The travelers are delighted with the taste of local tomatoes, carrots, lettuces, parsley, onions, an garlic, and not to mention the rich flavor and aroma of fresh fruit, such as watermelons, melons, cherries, apricots, grapes, peaches, and others. Most herbs are collected in the local mountains and in the countryside, and these herbs are renowned for their taste, have scent and healing properties.

Sausage Made in Krusevo

Krusevo Sausage

When in Krusevo you must try sausage made in Krusevo's butcher shops.

Among other things, such as lokum, melted cheese etc., Krusevo is widely known for its production of sausages.

Sausage seller

There are three butcher shops in Krusevo equally popular for the citizens and for the tourist - Meso Komerc (the owner shown in the picture above), Pitu Guli and Crven Zvezda. 

When in Krusevo 2017 DAY 2

Galoski, When in Krusevo 2017

When in Krusevo is an outdoor festival that has been organized for the first time last year, from the 4th to 6th of August, and the organizers have been working for the second volume of the festival this year, 2018. 

It is an event that involves camping, mountain bike, hiking, paragliding, musical events in the night held in the nature around Krusevo. 

Look into the short view of day No. 2

What To Do: A Walk Inside the Nature of Krusevo

Monument Ilinden

One of the best experience that you can get from Krusevo is a walk inside the undiscovered nature.

In the summer there is an event organized by Finance Think and the local organization Krusevska zena walking through the forest and fields and collecting different types of herbage.

Beside the walk you will have an insight in the nutritional values of the natural плантс. You get to learn something about the natural healers and collect "Majcina dusica" tea.

So, if you are not a fan of the adrenaline sports then this is what you want to do this summer in Krusevo. 

Monument Ilinden

Monument Ilinden

Situated on the historical Gumenje the monument Ilinden was discovered on the 2nd of August 1974 and today is visited by hundreds and thousands of visitors from Macedonia, and Europe.

The monument is a symbol of the fight and disobedience of the Macedonian people, and the interior symbolically represents the struggle of the Macedonian people for an independent country. Also, the surrounding of the monument is created to memorize the lost life of many soldiers. 

Women's Day in Krusevo

Women's Day in Krusevo

People of Krusevo are considered very traditional and close to the customs of their predecessors. 8th of March, women's day, is widely celebrated in Krusevo.

Women working in the public enterprises and state institutions have half day free of their working places and go to a local  restaurant. That means the party starts at 12 o'clock and it lasts until 00 in the night.

Photo Walk Through the Unique Architecture of Krusevo

Krusevo School

During your trip to Krusevo you will definitely notice the architecture that will surround you everywhere you go through the city. Our suggestion is to bring your camera with you and just get lost through the narrow streets of the city, and step by step, behind every corner you can see some unique house or building