Krusevo is Ready for the Paragliding and Gliding Competitions, Summer 2018

Paragliding Summer 2018

The Municipality of Krusevo will work together with the Macedonian Youth and Sport Agency and the Aeronautical Federation of Macedonia to promote the European Gliding Championship which will start on the 8th of July and last until the 21st.

In the period to follow there will be several press conferences, TV advertisements and Facebook campaigns devoted exclusively to the European Gliding Championship.

Discovering Krusevo


“Without trying to brag, Krushevo’s citizens like to point out that their town is the highest in the entire Balkans. At a height of 1250 meters, and with only 5300 people occupying it, this is a place where the mind can wander.

Surrounded by impeccable nature and incredible altitude, Krushevo is straight out of a fairy tale – a countryside parallel to that of a private resort, if you will.

When in Krusevo 2017 DAY 1

When in Krusevo

“When in Krusevo” is an outdoor festival that was organized for the first time last year, from the 4th to 6th of August. The organizers have been working towards the second iteration of the festival for this year.

It is an event that involves camping, mountain bike, hiking, paragliding, and musical events held in the nature around Krusevo at night.

We present you a summary of the first day.

Five Impressions after a Week in Krushevo


In my opinion, it’s rare for something to live up to lofty expectations. It’s so normal for our first encounter with some place or person to fall short of the mental images we’ve conjured. In America especially, it’s commonplace to exaggerate good qualities and minimize bad ones so you can make your point. To a certain degree, it’s acceptable and even encouraged to partake in grandiose, verbose rhetoric. Naturally, everyone recognizes that and thus Americans quickly learn how to manage expectations. I mention all of this because it’s rather pertinent to my first impressions of Krushevo.

Women's Day in Krusevo

Women's Day in Krusevo

People of Krusevo are considered very traditional and close to the customs of their predecessors. 8th of March, women's day, is widely celebrated in Krusevo.

Women working in the public enterprises and state institutions have half day free of their working places and go to a local  restaurant. That means the party starts at 12 o'clock and it lasts until 00 in the night.

When in Krushevo: Weekend Gateway


During your next trip to Macedonia, our suggestion is for you to visit the town of Krushevo, a perfect weekend getaway destination. You can find this small mountain paradise only 165 km away from the capital of Skopje. It is situated 1.250 meters above sea level, making it the highest town in the Balkans. Krushevo is a mix of nature, tradition, history and culture. Right here you will be surprised by the beauty that is hidden behind every corner.

Winter postcard of Krusevo

Grobno mesto Tose Proeski

Winter in Krusevo has officially arrived, and it’s been faithfully accompanied by a deluge of snow. As expected, the downfall has brought a beautiful new look to the town. A bounty of these breathtaking sights and landscapes have been captured by visitors & citizens alike. Take a moment to sift through the photos & fall in love with Krusevo once again.

Pictured are panoramic shots of the town, of gorgeous vistas from the ski center, and many other incredible sites here in Krusevo.