March 2018

Project: Vlach Room

Vlach Room

On the 23rd of May 2016, the national day of Aromanian (Vlach) people, the Vlach room has been opened and serves to illustrate the every-day life of Aromanians in Krusevo.

Vlach Room

This room is also a symbol of the multiethnic population living in Krusevo and the coexistence between different nationalities.

Women's Day in Krusevo

Women's Day in Krusevo

People of Krusevo are considered very traditional and close to the customs of their predecessors. 8th of March, women's day, is widely celebrated in Krusevo.

Women working in the public enterprises and state institutions have half day free of their working places and go to a local  restaurant. That means the party starts at 12 o'clock and it lasts until 00 in the night.

The Best Place for Paragliding and Gliding

Mechkin Kamen Start Line

Krusevo is considered to have one of the best site for paragliding in the world. The take-off from Meckin Kamen this year welcomes dozens of international competitions in paragliding and gliding.

The take-off point is positioned over 1,400 meters above sea level, but the real reason why it is considered the best place is its good and safe terrain as well as the fact that the landing points are close to the regional roads that lead to Krusevo.


Krusevo in Winter

Starting from the weekend of 03/04.03.2018, local government has been orchestrating an initiative on social network Facebook for the promotion of Krusevo in cooperation with the catering facilities via the use of the hashtag #WeekendInKrusevo.

This is how the activity went used for promotion of the ticket for skiing with discount and promotion of every object that published the post.