Krusevo: Drink Coffee, Take a Walk, Sit in the Sun

Krusevo: Drink Coffee, Take a Walk, Sit in the Sun


Krusevo represents an interesting story.

The town in many cases can be seen as antithetical to trends throughout Macedonia, whether you’re referring to a natural occurrence or any particular social flows in society.

For example, during the early winter when almost everywhere in the country is covered with fog, Krusevo above the clouds and shines with a sunny warmth. But, as we go through January the roles change and then the fog is over Krusevo and rest of Macedonia is sunny.

Winter Krusevo

Another aspect of your stay in Krusevo is the prizes. Drinking coffee is a custom in our way of life, not only in Krusevo but everywhere in Macedonia. On top of that, when in Krusevo you cannot miss an opportunity to sit out in the sun and drink a cup of coffee.

As an illustration, in some of the coffee shops and bars you can find a Nescafe for half a Euro or 30 denars. Compare this to other places in Europe where it’s often almost 2 Euros..


You can reasonably walk through the town in 2 or 3 days. The first day you can take a longer walk to the Holy Transfiguration monastery, and on the way back drink that coffee I mentioned that is almost free.

Day No. 2: Make a trip back in time and visit the seven museums and other historical sites that will alter your perception of Krusevo. 


Day No.3: You can go for another walk & enjoy the fresh air. Head onto the street of the town and off to Meckin Kamen, the place where international competitions in paragliding are held. After that, come back and try some of the classic food of Krusevo, like Krusevska Pita.

Made by Pizza Skar

All in all, Krusevo offers a lot but if you decide to come just to take a rest from your busy life, then feel free to just sit in your vehicle and enjoy the peaceful, slow pace of life that Krusevo people practice.