Pizza Skar Krusevo

Pizza Skar

Pizza Skar is one of the most popular pizza restaurants in Krusevo. It offers true Krusevo ambient and tasty traditional food.

The old town's ambient makes you feel like home, together with the taste of the traditional food pita or pie, or uniquely made melted cheese and different types of boards. Skar is visited, also, for coffee or a drink before going to the local nightclubs on weekend nights. 

However, you can visit Skar for breakfast, lunch or dinner and together with that you can add the taste of Macedonian wines.  

Krusevska Odaja Restaurant

Krusevska Odaja

Krusevska Odaja is one of the several newest restaurants in Krusevo and represents an image of tradition, ethno and recalling of the famous history of Krusevo. Situated near the Memorial House Todor Proeski and the historical place called Gumenje offers a true feeling of heritage enriched with the taste of cooked foods and many recipes that make this place recognizable.

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Pizza Restaurant Roma

Pizza restaurant Roma

Roma - a pizza restaurant where beside food like pizza or melted cheese you can try out different kinds of meat, like Krusevo sausage, wider varieties of red meat, fish, vegetarian and vegan food, etc.

Also, as for many places in Krusevo, inhabitants go out in Roma just to drink coffee. 

Pizza restaurant Roma owns a terrace also, mostly visitors use it during summer times.

Guest House Marcelo

Guest House Marcelo

Guest house Marcelo offers kebab with unique taste widely known in the region. Marcelo's kebab is part of the traditional foods of Krusevo and the recipe serves as a mark for Krusevo. 

However, besides kebab you can try out everything in this guest house: melted cheese, Krusevo pot, salad, pizzas etc. On top of that, every Saturday there is live party in Marcelo.

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