How to get to Krusevo?

How to get to Krusevo?

Krushevo is located in the south-western part of the Republic of Macedonia, at 168 km from Skopje - the capital, administrative and business center of the country.

By car:

If coming by car, Krushevo is located at 55 km from Bitola and 35 km from Prilep. Regional roads connect Krushevo with these major cities in Macedonia: Krushevo - Prilep - Skopje, Krushevo - D. Hisar/Prilep - Bitola - Ohrid. 

There is no highway passing through the territory of Krushevo. The nearest highway is M5 route, which passes nearby Prilep.

By bus:

Another possibility to come to Krushevo is by bus. From Skopje to Krushevo and conversely there are buses several times a day.

Skopje to Krushevo: 07:45 AM; 12:00 PM; 04:45 PM 07:10 PM
Krushevo to Skopje: 05:30 AM; 07:00 AM; 03:00 PM; 4:30 PM

From Bitola to Krushevo and conversely there are buses several times a day, while from Prilep to Krushevo and conversely there are buses every hour. 

Note: Please contact us in order to receive latest bus schedules from Krushevo to major cities of Macedonia. 

By air:

Krushevo is connected to the two main airports in Macedonia (Skopje and Ohrid). The city is also relatively close to the airport in Thessaloniki in Greece. The distance to these airports is as follows:

- 142 km from the Skopje airport and

- 130 km from Ohrid airport

- 250 km from the airport in Thessaloniki, Greece

Note: The website of the Airports of Macedonia ( and the Thessaloniki Airport ( will provide to you accurate information on the flight schedules and airlines.