Krusevo WInter Postcard (14.01.2019)

Biljana Puleska

The snow in Krusevo has brought even more winter landscapes caught on phone cameras by our followers.

In today's postacard we publish photographs from the ski center, the nature surrounding Krusevo, Krusevo architecture, historical sights, local caffees, the streets of the town, sunrise and hotel resorts.

Part of the winter postcard are the following supporters of ours: Biljana Puleska, Dragan Filipov, Iv Jovanova, Cvetanche Stojceska, Petar Begalinoski, Oksana Danailova, Biljana Ristova, Peter Gajdov and Stefanija Petroska.

Women's Day in Krusevo

Women's Day in Krusevo

People of Krusevo are considered very traditional and close to the customs of their predecessors. 8th of March, women's day, is widely celebrated in Krusevo.

Women working in the public enterprises and state institutions have half day free of their working places and go to a local  restaurant. That means the party starts at 12 o'clock and it lasts until 00 in the night.

Opening of Paragliding and Adventure Tourism Info Center in Krusevo

Info Center

Friday (06.27.2018) will mark the grand opening of the Paragliding & Adventure Tourism Info Center in Krusevo.

The Center is already servicing visitors by providing information as well as bikes for rent.

The grand opening will start at 1 p.m. with Krusevo Mayor Mr. Tome Hristoski, the Director of the Support and Promotion of Tourism Agency Mr. Ljupco Janevskiand, and representatives from the Embassy of Switzerland in attendance.

The Best Place for Paragliding and Gliding

Mechkin Kamen Start Line

Krusevo is considered to have one of the best site for paragliding in the world. The take-off from Meckin Kamen this year welcomes dozens of international competitions in paragliding and gliding.

The take-off point is positioned over 1,400 meters above sea level, but the real reason why it is considered the best place is its good and safe terrain as well as the fact that the landing points are close to the regional roads that lead to Krusevo.

When in Krusevo: Slow Food Guide

Krusevo Pie

We’ve talked a lot already about history, culture and architecture in Krusevo, so we think that now is the perfect time to talk about traditional food here. When you travel around Macedonia you should have one thing in mind: everywhere in this country you can find really tasty food. The same is true about Krusevo. Starting with melted cheese in a pot to Krusevska pita (pastry with cheese, spinach or cabbage) and Krusevsko grne ( different kind of cheese mixed with mushrooms, ham and egg, baked in a pot) you can find a wealth of delicious options.

Summer 2018

Krusevo center

The summer of 2018 in Krusevo will probably be one of the best in recent years as many activities and events help showcase the potential that this town offers.

The first thing to be pointed out is the paragliding season that officially begins in the middle of June with the first international gliding competition. It will be followed by at least 7 more gliding and paragliding competitions this summer on Meckin Kamen..

Explore the Churches of Krusevo

St. Nikola

Churches in Krusevo are yet another architectural phenomenon, and a beautiful decor on the touristic map of Krusevo.

People in Krusevo are considered traditional and close to their inherited cultural customs and values, part of which is visiting their church. One of the four churches in Krusevo is St. Nikola.

The church St. John is called the Vlach church where many people from the Vlach ethnical group gather.