Evenings in Vasil Iljoski's Honor

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Evenings in Vasil Iljoski's Honor
Evenings in Vasil Iljoski's Honor

"Evenings in Honor Of Vasil Iljoski" is an event marking the work and life of the well known Macedonian and citizen of Krusevo, an author, writer of drama, essayist and literary historian.

The event will take place at several locations in Krusevo and will consist of va variety of drama plays from the author as well as reading part of his contribution to the Macedonian literature.

The schedule is as follows - 


Venue: House of Culture

Start: 19:00

1. Awards for the best essay awards on the following topic: "Students for Vasil Iljoski"

2. Promotion of the brochure "Krusevo by Vasil Iljoski" by Nikola Jovanoski

3. Exhibition of photographs from theatrical performances based on plays by Vasil Iljoski

4. Presentation of excerpts from plays performed by students from "Naum Naumovski Borche" High School



Location: Hotel Montana Palace

Time: 20:00

Drama performance by "National Theater - Bitola" titled, "The Last Night"



In the link below photos and information from last year's event can be found: