Krusevo Winter Postcard (04.02.2019)

Krusevo Winter Postcard (04.02.2019)

Dayana Chobanova
Emilija Andreeska
Irena Blazeska
Mihajlo Fiti
Naum Risteski
Stevce Mickovski
Sotir Gabeloski
Marija FIlipova

Snow is still falling in Krusevo, and with more to come you can expect a plethora of beautiful winter landscapes still ready to be captured. As always, we're awed by the incredible moments locals & tourists alike have immortalized.

We've received a number of enchanting photographs from our followers for this week's winter postcard. We're proud to present their shots to be enjoyed by all.

The following photographs were sent in by these wonderful contributors: Dayana Chobanova, Emilija Andreeska, Mihajlo Fiti, Naum Risteski, Sotir Gabeloski, Marija FIlipova, Irena Blazeska. If you're interested in having your photographs featured in our weekly postcard, don't forget to send us your photos! We're always interested in more shots & love to see others enjoying Krusevo.

You may submit your photos to either of the following email addresses: