Guitar Festival Krusevo

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Borche Naumoski
Slobodan Milivojevic
Srdjan Tosic

The Guitar Festival Krusevo is a classic guitar international festival, part of which are classic guitar masterclass lectures and concerts by internationally recognized professors and artists.

The event begins on the 24th of June, 06 pm, with a concert by the professor Borce Naumoski. The second day, the 25th of June, the professor Srdjan Tosikj will hold masterclass lectures and a concert by professor Slobodan Milivojevikj will be taking place.

The third day will start with masterclass lecture by professor Milivojevikj, concert by Srdjan Tosikj and closing of the festival.

The event is initialized by a local musician and professor of music, and this the first time this event takes place.