When in Krusevo 2018

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End Date
Mrdni so prst - When in Krusevo
Nikola Martinoski - When in Krusevo
Memorial House Todor Proeski - When in Krusevo
MTB Tura - When in Krusevo
Paraglajding - When in Krusevo
Zabava - When in Krusevo

This is second volume of When in Krusevo that starts on the 29th of June and lasts until the 1st of July. Part of this outdoor festival are hiking and mountain bike tours, paragliding, and what is new this year is the kayak an SUP tours on Krusevo lake.

The organizers have already published the agenda for the event:



16:00-20:00 Arrival and setting camps

20:00-02:00 Open Air Party and Opening





09-10:00 Start of Hiking tours, 10 and 20km

09-10:00 Start of Mount biking tours , 20 and 40km

15:00 Lunch for all participants

16:00 Discounted prices on kayak and SUP tours on the lake for all participants

20:00 World cup Football open air match

22-03:00 Open air party





10-15:00 Tandem Paragliding tours with discounted price for all participants

12-16:00 Museum tours included in the price for all participants

20:00 Local food tasting

22:00 Open air party, closing of the event.

Also, the tickets are available and they are at a price of only 400 denars, and you can get one on the following link:



Follow the When in Krusevo Facebook page and be updated on the details for this year's event.