Monument Ilinden

Monument Ilinden

Situated on the historical Gumenje the monument Ilinden was discovered on the 2nd of August 1974 and today is visited by hundreds and thousands of visitors from Macedonia, and Europe.

The monument is a symbol of the fight and disobedience of the Macedonian people, and the interior symbolically represents the struggle of the Macedonian people for an independent country. Also, the surrounding of the monument is created to memorize the lost life of many soldiers. 


Ski Center Krusevo

Ski center Krusevo is one of the most popular places for skiing and, generally, winter tourism in Macedonia. Part of the ski center is the place called Stanic where there are several ski runs for amateurs together with two ski lifts.

The ski run that passes just under the cable car and it is 618 meters long. This ski run has been considered to be used by professional skiers.

Up there on Stanic there are two restaurants - Skaut and Shape that offer wide range of drinks and type of food..