Ozone Krushevo Open - Friendly Cross Country Competition

Ozone Krushevo Open - Friendly Cross Country Competition

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The Ozone Krushevo Open is a friendly and low-stress cross country competition designed for capable pilots who do not yet have extensive competition experience. This competition is designed in the spirit and model of the now-legendary Ozone Chabre Open, which has been running since 2006!

The emphasis is on safe, achievable tasks. The event is aimed primarily at competent and experienced pilots who have not yet competed in major events. Above all, the mission is to have fun!


Sponsored by Ozone, the event includes daily briefings and de-briefings by Jocky Sanderson.  The Krushevo region has a long history of successful competition tasks and ideal XC flying weather during this time of year. Task setting, briefings and de-briefings will be led by Jocky Sanderson, who will also act as Meet Director. Jocky’s skill and experience in cross country flying, SIV, safety and training, his enthusiasm to help pilots improve and his animated briefings & de-briefings truly make the competition the best learning environment for any budding competition pilot.


The Ozone Krushevo Open is a Serial Class event. This event is restricted to Sport Class and below. No EN-D class gliders are allowed!  Pilots are scored by class.  Rankings will be awarded in each category: Fun, Recreation, and Sport, determined by aspect ratio and certification, plus females and rookies. Ozone has agreed to support pilots flying Ozone wings with a discount of 20 euros on the entry fee. The entry fee includes: seven days potential flying, with transport and retrieves, Live Tracking, T-shirt, talks and de-briefs, party and more. For family and friends, there will be a special entry ticket to cover all the extra events around the competition and a T-shirt. The Ozone Krushevo Open is organised by the Heli XC Club of Krushevo, and Baki Shakirovski, with support from Ozone, local and regional authorities, local businesses and  Cross Country Magazine.

Author: Stefo Jankuloski, member Heli HC paragliding team and